Sunday, 2 December 2012

Why We Needs To Understand Politics

In this day and age when any country is not completely independent and economies are more intertwined than ever, the world does not seem to be a collection of different countries rather it appears like one mass and entity. In accordance the working of this entity is entirely not dependent on some few people but rather is now dependent on a sect of people. This sect of people are constantly making decisions and undertaking them to make good out of their own selfish derivations.

In today's times the youth is not ignorant but they are not wise to these tactics as well. They can be easily mislead, misunderstood, misguided and importantly easily be taken on a path which seems righteous but eventually leads to just another presence in a group. Let me give an example to prove my point. Let's take "X" as a brilliant child who ace's in his curriculum, is a born leader with good ethics and a strong upbringing to support them. He excels in almost everything his parents want him to indulge him. This natural spark of brilliance seems to be revolutionary and can produce a great leader. But the difference is when it comes to choosing a career, "X" will definitely opt for the most lucrative of the options. He will almost definitely go on to be an engineer or a doctor who goes on to make millions but looses his spark in the process. Politics is never even on his mind and politicians are just names that pop up for the general knowledge of things.

Why is that the brilliance of individuals are never fulfilled in the sphere of the political arena. We have highly educated politicians but when the word politician is attached to an individual the whole perception of things drastically changes. Politicians are only viewed as leeched who feed off the common folk and lead a lavish life. This is certainly true to an extent; my case being the scams which are evidently dealt with "only" by the media on a daily basis. These scams and falsification of the concept of a "GOVERNMENT" is palpable and laughable to say the least, but there is effort and sometimes some sane thought which leads to a acceptable conclusion. Politics thus becomes a facet of the country which is only divulged in times of the elections or during the time of major scams.

Nobody we hear or see stands up to say that politics is an arena and we are ready to dive in to WIN. Importantly it has achieved a status where if these politicians cease to exists, it would not make much of a difference to the population because majority of them don't comprehend the importance of them. Politics is never bad the idea of it is. The perception makes the difference and the agendas or motive of an individual speaks volumes about the same.

In a world where information is key and it flows today better than ever, governance can be simplified to a point where people have a better say than just the marked finger every 5 years or so. Politics and politicians can be accepted for what it is and what they are but the fundamental law remains the same, WE CAN ONLY PERCEIVE THINGS IF ONLY WE ARE LOOKING FOR THEM. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time To Wake Up

Have you taken a good look inside? Ever sat down and thought about life? Life as you live it and life that you want to live. Ever taken a minute to think about how really happy you are? Ever closed your eyes and wondered? 

Life as we know it is simple, if you keep it simple. Happiness is just a stone's throw away but we never take that effort to pick up that stone and just throw it. We all want to "adjust" in life and learn to live with what we have but also constantly crave something we don't have. Life is tough, filled with challenges and hardship. Never is success handed, never is it gifted, never is it acquired, it is always earned.

Success does not mean happiness but at least it shows that we persevered, struggled, fell and rose again, cried, got hurt, laughed, won, lost but most importantly we played the game. Success is a fruit we all want but only a few have the courage, the strength and the endurance to plant a tree and nurture it with care and love. Only those people who have these abilities, have that mind set are bound to succeed and ultimately learn what life really is.

Life will teach you nothing if you are closed about your own prospects. Life will break you and crush you but it's about getting up and fighting again. Toady you wake up from your sleep of illusion, set an aim, a point to prove and work towards getting there. Stop listening to what people have to say about you. You know yourself the best. You know how much you can take and only you know what you can achieve. So wake up and fight for your rights.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Are we Independent enough!

Ah, Independence day is upon us, the only other day when all of those very people who would rather live in "America" than in a politically infested country like India, get really patriotic and display that very emotion by sticking Rs.10 flags on the dashboard of their cars. Don't we love this Independence! So what is it about this Independence day which is different from any other day? Well for changers we get really patriotic songs playing through the tv and the neighborhood all throughout the day which we have been hearing for so long that the actual significance is totally lost and they are totally some background noise. We get a ravishing parade which is telecast-ed with the enthusiasm of a 70yr old diabetic woman being slowly woken from her drug induced sleep. Why do we have that parade anyway, it does not signify anything. The only thing that I see interesting is the military part which is so cool to see, but then it's a shame because all we do when some country blatantly attacks us, is stop paying cricket with them for two or possibly three years depending on the number of lives that were lost, OF COURSE! Next thing that the people see are tri-colored newspapers which if were not the color of the flag most of the people would have no idea what the actual colors are. It's a pity when most of the population cannot tell the colors of the flag of the country they live in but can tell what date Ek Tha Tiger will be releasing, AWESOME! Well that's the power of marketing. Next in line is the totally in context mega sale that each and every outlet of everything offers(Please find attached the heavy dose of sarcasm in the preceding statement). Yes, it makes total sense that we have a heavily priced, totally unnecessary items have their sale value cut off but even then they are still heavily priced. But in it's marketing genius we still feel it's totally worth it because the prime reason being, "IT'S ON SALE NA!!!!!". OK, so many of the news channels, I don't understand why they call themselves that, they should rather be named  story tellers or the people who bore me by constantly repeating themselves(I am not an A.D.D patient, I get it the first time), will constantly remind you of how great this country is and how greatness has been achieved by the people who have sacrificed their lives for it. Nothing wrong in that but I say why not show the real problems that this counry is facing today so that we realize our Independence is not to be taken granted for. We have strived alot to achieve this status and we should be reminded of not how we did it but rather how we can go forward from here. All we do on this day is remind ourselves of the country we live in, but more than that we should be reminding ourselves every day and making decisions and contributions which will help and improve this country. It's ok to be patriotic but it's not ok to be stupid. I say don't just stand when the country's anthem is playing for once stand up for the country itself. Then we won't need a day to celebrate our independence, every day will be our independence. So think about it, are you independent ENOUGH?

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Happy Bullshit Day

Yes, it is that time of the year where we open are asses willingly and tell the corporate world and media to come and fuck us. Why are we so dumb and why do we do it with enthusiasm and surprising happiness! Well the answer is simple. Corporate propaganda. For those unaware, let me explain...........

Step 1. The corporate business idiots think of some way to excel in sales of services and/or merchandise.
Step 2. They look at something totally redundant and give it a mass accepted, uninspiring name. prime examples being Valentine's, friendship,mother's, etc.
Step 3. Create a mass hysteria about these everyday emotions and feelings and manipulate in such a way that a feeble brain will buy this idea and think that celebrating Mother's day is important.
Step 4. Marketing guru's use up all the skill in the world and create an illusion of a day named after the aforementioned bullshit so that they can justify the over hyped prices.
Step 5. Targeted teenagers happily accept this bullshit under the pretense of being "cool".
Step 6. After the morons have taken the bait, hook line and sinker. Merchandise associated with the "day" is floated into the market at rates which could never have been justified if it did not have a worthless piece of shit attached to it.
Step 7. Service providers(prime example network providers) happily charge double or triple of the normal rates and don't even justify it for the masses are not questioning it. "It's only for a day and we can do so much for a day. Right!".HAHAHA
Step 8. Profit has been achieved. Poor little souls don't even have the slightest idea that they were anally raped. They go home thinking I really celebrated a day today. How nice or poor bastards, I can't make up my mind.

So in these 8 steps your being screwed every year. So stop this anal raping and start thinking. Oh and before  I forget Happy Bullshit Day. I wanna tie my bullshit waistband around your ass.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Change for me.

Certainty is tainted. Never is a moment which lats forever. Everything is subject to change. That is what defines life. CHANGE. Then why is it so that everyone is afraid of change! It is never welcomed unless it is exclusively wanted. This dire need of justifying everything leads to the downfall of everyone who attempts the same.

This has been the case because of the very intent of settling into things and accepting things the way they are. Rather than accepting things after closely following and understanding every facet of it, we tend to concentrate on rushing our understanding and judging at the surface. This leads to comfort level which leaves to habit which in turn leads to the repeatably of life itself. Being open to change and having the foresight to accept and understand good change is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes lots of patience and intelligence to achieve that.

Fragile minds are easily broken, easily convinced and above all easily manipulated. For all of us patience is the virtue when it comes to change and change is inevitable. It is futile to fight it, nothing comes from this which can be stated as fruitful. Try to be water rather than a wall for a simple reason, water will flow through anything but a wall will always fall.

Friday, 29 June 2012

What to wear?

Well, one thing that always bothers me and or really irritates me is, the burning question of what to wear? I am sorry for lying to you but I really don't care what I wear or how I "PRESENT" myself to the world. Yes I am one of THOSE guys. For me dressing is only a sense of covering up oneself rather than about looks. Sometimes I give in the temptation on an apparel which really fascinates me but most of the times I son't care about it too much. But like all teenagers even I have been on those ever so entertaining fashion trips with my buddies. I am sure I see a cringe on all the faces who have suffered the same as me. I am talking about those trips where you tag along with someone out of moral compulsion rather than will. I have been on a lot of such trips, it's simply because I am a nice guy. 

Well what I am trying to get to you is that, I have seen people spend entire day trying to figure out the color of the shirt which will be worn for a year maybe, but that very person will take a decision which will define his/her life in a second. This human mentality really fascinates me, the amount of time and effort that is spent on a piece of garment which is always in accordance with what other people will think of it, just to manifest a positive aura about oneself is amazing. I don't condemn it but I think people should back off a little and be a little more casual about it. Looking good can be achieved with simplicity and minimalism as well. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Education is for us??????

Every day when i open my morning dose of newspaper with a cup of bliss called "tea" for some reason. I am greeted by a bunch of really happy faces(please note that there is a slight hint of sarcasm) with a bunch of happy looking senior citizens handing them flowers, as if to say thank you for letting us fuck you up! Who are these happy people? Why are they so happy? Why are they being branded like this, as if a chicken right before being slaughtered and packaged for the meat freezer.

Ahh the grind of being educated I always think to myself. Today either you score nearly perfect or atleast die trying, that is what everyone around expects from you, right? Look at today's paper irrespective of the day it is, you will definitely look at a bunch of zombies smiling on cue by the shady photographer. Next to them is a figure which was previously thought to be impossible to achieve by any human atleast. A zombie can do it though, this is from effective evidence and not a judgment. Today children are scoring marks in a year which is my combined total for my entire educational years. I ask a simple question , if a person is able to score a near perfect score then what good is the test? An exam is there to determine whether you have solely understood the concept previously taught to you. If they score perfectly that can mean two things, we are living in a world where Einstein has been cloned successfully but wait a minute he failed at school. Ahh the irony of this world.

All these so called toppers are just slaves to the system and their ever so wanting parents. Why play when you can study, why have a hobby when you can study, why watch a movie when you can study, why do anything when you can study? If you feel I am exaggerating look at their scores. You have to work hard now so that you can have what you want when you grow up......hahahah. If only that was true! you have to work hard for everything, not now but for ever if you want to get anything in life. But in this pretense of working hard you don't forget that you are not a machine but a human. When i see the mockery of these meat shops which run under the clever title of coaching classes, I only feel pity and sorrow. Have we finally accepted the privatization of our education system. When studies is more like a product or a hamper rather than a gift.

I don't say people who top their exams are all like this but somewhere that sense of childhood is not being reinstated by the pressure and expectations that are being forced onto these young minds. Such pressure is not experienced even as an adult, then why subject it to these minds which are still developing? Is this the reason we see constant news of children committing suicide just because they couldn't live up to such idiotic expectations. Yes, this phase is important for any individual but smashing this point is not the right way. There are plenty of people out there who are "SUCCESSFUL" in society's terms and conditions but have never had the support of an high scoring education.

The system is not to blame rather the approach of the people who have abused the system and the people going through it. There are plenty of avenues that are popping up and presenting a bright future but these have to be accepted and implemented. A doctor and engineer are not the only option, why an engineer is working in banks as a clerk today! What has banking and engineering have in common! But this just reflects that your skills matter today not your marks or grades. When the world is changing for the better, we are changing for the worse of it. So let's just say that if this is the education offered the way it is offered I wish the illiteracy rates go up, up and away.................